Board Members

Meet The Board Members

NFMA volunteer board members are pillars of our community. They assist our community through governance and representation.  NFMA Board Members engage and develop our community.  Their work consists of financial planning, fundraising, hosting cultural events, family services, member support, and administration.

Greg Stanwood




Greg has an entrepreneurial background and is a seasoned top performer with extensive successful business experience and verifiable achievements. In 2022, Greg wanted to learn more about his Metis heritage and discovered the need for someone to step up and advocate for the NFMA community.  His focus is for our members to have a community space to provide cultural awareness, affordable housing, childcare, Food security and services for reconnecting our community to our Métis heritage. 

Deni Paquette

Vice President




Deni Paquette holds a BA in International Indigenous Studies. Her focus is to support and promote Métis through education and community development. She brings experience in community boards and development projects as well as Federal Indigenous policy and management. She works with the Langley Indigenous Education Program as a Métis Cultural Presenter promoting Métis culture and identity. Deni also promotes Metis identity through community presentations. She uses oral traditions and values learned from Elders to build community through storytelling and crafts.

maryann morrison




Maryann has experience serving on boards both in government and nonprofit sectors. She brings her expertise and knowledge of administration, education, business, and engagement to the NFMA community. She is fortunate to have Métis ancestors in both her paternal and maternal family and strives to learn more about and to celebrate her culture for those who were not able.  


dale letourneau




Dale grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. Her great-grandparents, Sam and Jane Livingston, were the first settlers of Calgary and the home they built (Glenmore) in the Elbow River Valley was moved up the hill into Heritage Park when the river was dammed to create the Glenmore Reservoir (Calgary’s water supply.) After studying fine arts and graphic design at Edmonton’s School of the Arts, Dale worked in advertising before moving to Vancouver Island. Dale opened Chameleon, her marketing and design business in 2003.

katy carson

Woman’s Representative



Katy, like so many Metis people, did not realize she was Metis until she was an adult as her heritage was hidden from her. It wasn’t until she received great encouragement from some dear Coast Salish Elders and Mentors, in her 30’s, that she really explored what being Metis meant for her. She started learning Michif and signed up for every cultural workshop she could, and started to ground herself with her identity. In her professional life, Katy is the Director, Member Services at a nonprofit association. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and doing her best work for the members of NFMA.

Zelda Hunt

Member at large



Zelda’s strengths lie in her unwavering compassion and dedication to helping others. She excels in event planning and execution, which allows her to create positive and meaningful experiences for those she serves. Zelda consistently demonstrates her commitment to making a difference in the lives of those she encounters. Her reliability is a source of pride, ensuring that she can be counted on when it matters most.

Ian Stanwood

Member at large



Ian holds a BA in Communications, a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and is certified in teaching English as an Additional Language. He is a university instructor teaching English Upgrading with over 25 years of experience helping students on their academic and life journeys. He also previously worked in public relations and marketing communications in the information technology industry, particularly in Asia during its meteoritic rise during the late 80s. Ian is learning about his cultural and linguistic heritage and looks forward to embracing all that entails.

Tianne Jenson-dejardins

Member at large



Tianne is a graduate student at SFU studying English literatures with a particular interest in Métis Futurisms. Outside of school, they can often be found playing soccer and curling in their local leagues, absolutely crushing it at boardgames with friends and family, and, of course, reading books of dragons and found family tropes. She is proud to be Métis, loves connecting with cousins, and is excited to meet more of the NFMA community members.

Eric Velestuk

Youth Representative



More to come . . .

brittany weiser

Member at large



More to come . . .

ava schneider

member at large



More to come . . .

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