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Our organization is a non-profit indigenous community that organizes cultural and historical activities and programs for Métis people every year. As an organization, we are often the first point of contact for indigenous people seeking services and support. To this end, we are working to build a continuum of care for people from birth to death and welcome feedback and guidance from our members on new programs and pathways we should take.

The sash is often worn as ceremonial dress to honour people for achievements and recognize membership in a Métis community. Wearing the sash connects Métis people with their ancestors and their Métis identity. 

Saencheur Fleshay

The Métis sash was originally known as une ceinture fléchée, meaning “arrow belt” because of the zig-zag pattern. They were created from European wool, using a First Nations finger weaving technique that is still often used today. 

About Us

About The Métis

Métis people have lived in what is now referred to as B.C. for generations. Today there are many Métis people in B.C. who trace their roots back to ancestors who lived across the Métis homeland. Métis people were recorded west of the Rockies in the late 1700s as part of expeditions to explore the area. By at least the mid-1800s, and in some cases as early as the 1810s, communities of Métis people were living in Prince George, Quesnel, Fort St. John, Kamloops and Fort Langley. Métis populations also existed in this period in the southern interior, the north coast, the Kootenays and on Vancouver Island.


NMFA has multiple ministries that serve the members of the community, that gather for fellowship and to discuss issues relevant to their specific needs. 

Cultural Events

With the help of volunteers and committee planning, the NFMA holds numerous cultural and committee events each year. 


Get involved by joining our list of community volunteers. 

Community & culture

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The North Fraser Métis Association is proud to host cultural and community events throughout the year, across the lower mainland of Vancouver. Visit our event calendar page for more information.

NFMA Board Members

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Our board members are pillars of our community, coming from varied backgrounds, and aiding in the governance and representation of the ministries within NFMA.

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The North Fraser Métis Associatioon relies on the generosity of volunteers within our community to make events and cultural workshops a succcess. If you are a member of MNBC and wish to donate your time, learn more about getting involved.

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